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Black Beauty Breed

The Rottweiler is one of the oldest dog breeds with a heritage that can be traced back to ancient Roman times. Black Beauty Breed documents the Rottweiler and highlights their modern working abilities in herding, carting, agility, search and rescue and therapy. A cinematic tribute to the Rottweiler.

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Forever Faithful

Forever Faithful is a documentary that explores the extraordinary connection between humans and their dogs. A little girl's best friend, her dog, is diagnosed with bone cancer. The film follows her journey as she tries to understand both the causes of canine cancer and the advanced treatments available to her dog. Several dogs are introduced along the way with their own stories of resilience, survival and service to their communities. This true story is a must see for anyone who has shared their life with a dog.

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Jack Harris Interview

Paleoanthropologist, Dr. Jack Harris discusses leopards and their importance to man's evolutionary history.

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We Are One

We Are One is a short film that was created to highlight the basic instincts that we share with other mammals especially the bond between mother and baby. Animals are sentient beings. Like humans, they are capable of suffering or enjoying their lives. The film was made to support National Geographic's Big Cat Initiative and Cause An Uproar campaign.

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