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California native, Angie Ruiz is an award-winning documentary filmmaker.  She is the writer, director, and producer of Black Beauty Breed, a film that celebrates the intelligence and inherent working abilities of the Rottweiler breed.  She fell in love with the breed after rescuing a Rottweiler in 2007. She created the film to give the Rottweiler a fair and more balanced portrayal in the media.  The film screened in multiple cities worldwide and is currently streaming on AppleTV and AmazonPrime. Black Beauty Breed has played an active role in redefining the Rottweiler’s image in the media. Accurate terms such as “working breed” and “intelligent” are now more commonly used when describing them. 


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Director Angie Ruiz

During the filming of Black Beauty Breed, Angie learned that the Rottweiler and other large breed dogs are prone to bone cancer.  She was deeply affected when her own dog was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. Her film, Forever Faithful, shares her family's experience with canine cancer alongside those of others in an effort to help pet owners make informed decisions about their companion's health. Veterinarians and animal rehabilitation specialists share advanced treatments available to dogs and pet owners share their observations of their pet's treatments and recovery. The award-winning documentary is currently streaming on AppleTV and AmazonPrime.


Born and raised in Northern California, Angie graduated from Cal Poly SLO. She became interested in filmmaking while volunteering in Tanzania, East Africa in 2004. She traveled to Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, Egypt, Israel, and India to photograph landscapes, wildlife, monuments, and people. She formed her production company, Wandering Films, to create art and documentary films.

Angie resides in Santa Barbara with her husband, two daughters, Rottie named Bodhi, and a cat named Carmen. She loves to cook, surf, hike, and ski.  

You can contact her here.

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